In order to schedule an appointment at WMHC you must be registered into the medical records system, have completed and returned the initial paperwork after it is mailed to you, and provide a copy of your insurance card(s).

Our Programs

Consultation Services:

Professional assistance and information concerning mental health or mental illness to professionals, groups, or organizations to increase the effectiveness of other providers in serving their clientele.

Outpatient Services:


Evaluations, diagnosis and therapy and psychiatric services for treatment of mental health problems or mental disorders; treatment for individuals of all ages, families, and couples.


Evaluation Services:

Diagnostic and evaluation services for courts, schools, public agencies, and individuals who request psychiatric, psychological, or mental health evaluations.

Emergency Services:

24-hour telephone service available to persons experiencing a mental health crisis. A Mental Health Professional is on call at all times to provide appropriate intervention.

Supported Community Living Services (SCL):

Psychosocial support and rehabilitation services with the goal of supporting “successful community living” for persons with serious and persistent mental illness. Service to clients in their homes and community settings can be provided, along with Integrated Health Home to link clients to appropriate community resources. Eligibility for these services is determined through an evaluation process.

Peer Support Services (PSS):

Peer Support Services are provided in a group setting, located at The Hope Center in Clarinda, Iowa.  Services at The Hope Center provide structured, scheduled activities which promotes socialization, recovery, self-advocacy, the development of natural supports and the development and maintenance of community living skills to persons with serious and persistent mental illness. 

Crisis Stabilization Residential Services (Turning Pointe):

Turning Pointe offers crisis stabilitzation services to individuals who are in need of mental health services and are experiencing a crisis that interferes with activities of daily living.

Turning Pointe, located in Clarinda, Iowa, is designed for individuals who are in need of a safe, secure home-like environment. The purpose of the program is to assist in the assessment and treatment of individuals exhibiting mental health symptoms in a crisis and offer timely alternative placement, when appropriate.  The individual who utilizes these services must participate willingly and on a voluntary basis.  Individuals who are admitted to the Crisis Stabilization Residential Services are determined to be appropriate and eligible for the service through a process of screening and assessment.

Education Services:

Public education services for community leaders, organizations, and the general public to promote mental health and the prevention of mental illness.